Hi, i’m Alice

I found myself drawn to Asheville two years ago after living in Pennsylvania and Texas, and since coming here, I have blossomed. The connections i have made here thus far have opened up infinitely meaningful possibilities and become a catalyst for my spiritual journey. I trust in the energies surrounding me, i keep my ears open to messages from my heart, i face my fears and rationalizations head on, dropping what does not serve my soul.


In university, i study sociology and international relationships. Connection and common compassion across peoples, cultures, religions, and genders is crucial in my world view. I enjoy dancing, creating art, reading, being in nature, being in my bed, animals, music festivals, and laughing. I do not believe in many things- but i truly believe that in the core, all humans are motivated by and delighted by the same things; we often have more in common than we are prone to notice. All aspects of our universe are delicately and intricately interconnected... how exciting for me to harbor the knowledge that the success of my fellow beings is success for me, & the suffering of my fellow beings is suffering for me.


To participate in this commune~ to challenge myself, to engage in the wider community, to live with more mindfulness practices, to live as an example of harmony~ is to find my own truth. I feel like the path of my life has brought me here for a beautiful reason, that creative forces of the universe are conspiring with the vibrations around and within me to bring this dream into fruition. I have many depths inside me that i would like to share, and this is a good way to start.


Is it possible to see what we have not seen before? To love those we have not loved before? To think what we have not thought before? To live in ways we have not lived before? What would you do for someone you did not know, for a forest you’ve never entered, for a future you won’t be here for? Would you re-evaluate the ownership of your stuff? Would you show up nameless, penniless, and invisible to the collective and offer your bare hands? Would you be willing to find dignity and joy in the care of others who may not at first be kind to you?

​Hunter Ball


Born in South Carolina and reborn again in North Carolina. Since 2014 when I moved to North Carolina, I have been developing a new perspective and a way of being. This transformation has affected my surroundings in the most positive way. I have been blessed with experiences that have opened myself up to create the individual that I am today.

My calling I have recently discovered is being involved in healing environments. Spiritual retreats and Wellness centers are the environments that I have become attracted to. I believe these types of environments are crucial for elevating human consciousness. Creating a space and an opportunity for individuals to realize the connectedness to their body and soul as well as the connection to nature and everyone else. We all want happiness and to be free of suffering, so why would you want to create an experience that takes away from that? This is how we as humans will change the world. We are realizing more and more that this Earth does not contain unlimited resources. We have to come together and help each other against the oppressor, so we can become liberated and live free and happy.

Creating this commune is my way to contribute to my community and create spaces that help individual’s heal. I feel blessed each day that we have so much support from our Asheville community that I have no doubt this will transform individuals. However to help heal others we must first heal ourselves, this commune will help all members living in it. By being immersed in mindful living and the support of others we can help heal each other so we can better heal our community.

Jonny Stockwell


I came to begin my journey towards healing when I was faced with a health crisis a few years ago. Struggling with IBD has lead me to seek and discover many avenues for healing myself. Based on my experience, I believe our world and the people in it are suffering immensely. Some remain unaware, but I know that my suffering is a call to excite the world to rehumanize all of our fellow brothers and sisters. Understanding that health is in our hands is a philosophy I want to run with. I hope to teach those that find their way to the community of ways that we can keep our mind, body, and spirit in alignment. Because when we feel good within ourselves, anything can become possible.


I was born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont in what felt like a small world. Even though I was surrounded by beautiful nature, kind and resourceful people, and comfortability, I always yearned for something bigger, more open and diverse, more free. As I grew into my adulthood, I felt depressed trying to fit into a mold that made sense to the society around me; it was almost too easy and scripted, and wasn't fulfilling to me in some crucial way. So I made the decision to not take the easy route of conformity, but instead took the journey of exploring myself and the world around me, and doing what I felt at peace with, despite what the outside forces tried to dictate.


The world opened up to me as I began to reflect and become aware, and my entire perspective, priorities, and demeanor shifted. When the friends I grew up with left for their freshman year of college, I jumped on a plane to India and didn’t look back. Leaving my sanctuary in Vermont, I was able to really see the extent of the world and the infinite possibilities it presents to me, and to anyone who is willing to soften their ego and explore! I discovered that every single person has a unique experience of life, which shapes their being, but at the same time, there is a pure, empty essence to each human that allows us- if we let it- to connect with each other and the world.


I brought my body and mind to Asheville in 2015 for college, and found my spirit here. Practicing mindfulness became one of my first endeavors at university, because the drive within me to find clarity in my life, and peace within, had not gone away and if anything, felt more attainable than ever. My personal journey of  practicing mindful awareness in my thought, speech, and action, and my love for learning from others’ stories has illuminated a spiritual place within. A place of love, faith, passion, truth, and contemplation. A place I am cultivating. And a place that I see becoming manifested into reality as a commune.

I see this commune as being a spiritual haven for those wanting to explore the humanistic essences within us, and how we are meant to relate to the world. In a society that prioritizes superficial enterprises, we want to dig deep within and see the actual potential we have as human beings on Earth, and also how we can access that potential to improve life for all beings. As an anthropology student, I learn through experimental immersion and holistic analyses of phenomenon, and a commune would allow both forms of learning to thrive.




“We do not have to be ashamed of what we are. As sentient beings we have wonderful backgrounds. These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent. Nevertheless, we have soil good enough to cultivate; we can plant anything in it.” ~Chogyam Trungpa


“The tone of skepticism that sterilizes the complexity of the way things are is toxic to the vulnerable of visionary seedlings” ~Nora Bateson

​Lindsay Boheler


Asheville transplant originally from Gastonia, North Carolina or also know as on the city on the way to Charlotte. I moved to Asheville, August of 2017 and have never felt more at home. I moved to Asheville to attend the Health and Wellness Program at UNCA, while I was certain this opportunity would be fulfilling, I was met with so much more than expected. Asheville has become a catalyst for inspiration, connection and personal growth. Moving here and immersing myself into such a beautiful place has provided a clearer perspective into what I truly desire in life. A life that is diverse and open. Bountiful and sustaining. Kind and respecting. One of service and support. One that is dedicated to dismantling the stigmas, structures and systems that keep us tightly bound by our labels. And finally, one that integrates the wellbeing of all life into the realm of human potential and thought.


Building this commune from the ground up means creating exactly this. Opening my mind to new possibilities, opening my heart to a greater capacity for love and acceptance, and opening my arms in welcoming anyone in joining me on this path.


“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” - Lilla Watson


Over the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to complete a yoga teacher training at Wilmington Yoga Center. Experiencing the immense benefit of yoga and the sense of purpose it brought into my life, this allowed me to see how I could be of service to others… how advantages that have been given to me

​Megs Trepp


Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia but the mountains and energies of Asheville drew me in, so here I am! I’ve only been here a short while but it already feels like home, as I am surrounded by mindfully aligned and conscious beings.


As a creature of the outdoors, I find my greatest fulfillment spending time with trees and going on hikes. I’m currently studying Environmental Science at UNCA, as I’d like to help restore and heal the parts of Mother Earth damaged by humans by creating a more sustainable way to live, such as in the Celebration Commune. It is important to me to live alongside all creatures of our planet and reduce suffering for all living beings by eating a plant-based diet, reducing our collective carbon footprint, and being a conscious consumer. I believe that living simply with the earth and living in the present moment will create the most fruitful life for us all.


I am fueled by astoundingly caring and conscious individuals like the other nine beings in this community and look forward to my journey of meditation, healing, and joy alongside them.  



Our lives are frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify. -H.D. Thoreau


Born in Colombia Jan, 1984, but don’t identify as being from here or there. A citizen of mother earth.


After fulfilling what was societally expected of me and what I myself expected of me, my life has turn into a flux of experiments to growth in as many dimensions as possible and all at once. It’s not a free spirited approach of doing what you want without caring, its a creative-detached approach to grow and do anything the best way possible, with awareness, freedom, alertness, detachment, sincerity and discipline (inner and outer).


I live a contemplative life… to make it simple, I spent most of my time looking at the Log that is in my eye… you know that famous quote: “Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye but don't notice the log in your own eye?”


I believe that by being the best I can be, everywhere I am, even where I don't want to be, or where is difficult to be, is how I bring good to this world. Because living like this makes my life meaningful and makes me happy; and that's the least i can immediately share with those who surround me, because it's contagious and reciprocates sincerity and freedom. Values so much lost these days.


By looking at life from the growth of different dimensions i can bring newness into this world. New approaches, that i have experimented with and benefit from, that i have experienced and understand in depths.  I believe that in a world dominated by productivity, efficiency and standardization, Newness and depths are not explored that often.


Right now my life has turn into the arts, not in the mainstream way, but in the way of absorption into creativity, a way of developing the right hemisphere of my brain to allow the fullness of expression of such a marvelous tool.


Currently a Post-baccalaureate (B. Management & Int’l Studies) Art Student,  who enjoys Dance, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture. Being a student again is an investment into wholeness, a synthesis of experiments into a creative, co-creative life of fulfillment. Intrinsically an Activist, Revolutionary. In essence, ultimately, A Meditator and a Seeker of Truth actively for the past 8 years… but perhaps ever since…


What I can share: Infectious Love for Truth, Peace, Freedom, Understanding and Experience with Meditation, Let go on Dance, Simple Tai Chi, Revolutionary Insights, enjoyment of Art and Love.


Mine is the uncharted path, the ever-creative path that takes in consideration the wellbeing of the world and its expression through me.



Even if we are the only intelligent form in the universe,

even more our ultimate responsibility is to understand reality,

but it seems we have concerned ourselves with transforming it.

By ~ Me ; )

Zach Brubaker

Growing up in Pennsylvania I always felt a pull to experience more of life than usual mundane. Wanting to be a part of something greater than myself, I enlisted four years in the military in my grandfathers’ footsteps. I learned so much and appreciated the camaraderie; but the one dimensionality felt twisted and hollow. I knew this was not my calling. Upon separation, I was forced to deeply evaluate my life and figure out what I really wanted.

After a semester in college I decided to take a solo road trip which resulted in a six week journey across the country, intensely expanding my sense of self and perspective of the world. With a renewed lust for life, I decided to explore my formulating passion of wellness and health. A visit to Asheville in the summer of ‘17 resulted in me moving here a month later to pursue a degree at UNCA. Since moving, my journey of self expansion has grown exponentially. I began to realize how essential, genuine connection and community was.

Joining in communion with each other is the most direct path to heal and evolve. Our lives increasingly require multitasking and fragmentation of our attention. Enjoying activities which bring us together and connect us within and without is vital to counteract, balance and fulfill. I am overjoyed to be a part of a group of individuals who reflect this understanding.


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