We believe that by coming together we will drastically elevate our consciousness, spiritual development, physical existence and our ability to channel energy towards common internal and external goals.

When you share a space with others, such as in a Commune, you gain perspective and are able to notice the universal patterns of ego and folly present in all of us. Being aware of this helps us overcome it.


Enjoying Life

What is the point, if not to enjoy this diverse, puzzling, colorful, divine show we have front row tickets for? Humans are a faucet for the universe to know itself, to bask in the impossibly complex and wondrous expression of energy and life. To see the essence, the ecstasy of life moving in all corners, in every single gasp, bloom, rhythm, cry, touch; every drop of blood and water and dirt.


Erasing Barriers

It is not easy to have your actions, intentions, and rationalizations mirrored back to you. Living with a community of individuals with pure intentions of reflection and growth will be uncomfortable sometimes, will cause friction, and will expose the gaps we try to cover up. We will hold each other accountable for the effect we have on the whole community, and come together to heal.


Reaching Ascension

Allowing silence and space for deep reflection to ‘just be’ is the path upwards, out of the soil that has been nurturing us, into a place where we can see the environment around us, and how it provides for us, or harms us, with the greatest of clarity. As we continue to nourish and align our bodies, minds, and souls, we continue to grow and awaken.


Tying Individuals

Synergy: The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

When we demonstrate the benefits of Synergy, abundance overflows in our lives.

Co-existing with common intentions will show us how our energies collide and work together; how communities on all levels are interconnected.


Opening Networks

Cultivating rich and bountiful relationships within our communities and beyond.

Start a melting pot of diverse ideas, individuals, and paths, expanding relationships and building a foundation for a compassionate and intentional network

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