Who Are We?


We are a group of Mindfully Aligned young people on the path of awakening. We open our house to gather together passionate people in a experiment of living in harmony, sustainability, awareness, and celebration. No matter your background, experiences, resources or knowledge, all are welcome and all are invited.


We provide a space to open up experiences and increase awareness to people who may not have the resources to do so. We all have passions and aspirations to make a difference in our lifetimes, but before we heal the world we must first heal within. This commune serves as a healing center, for ourselves and our community.


Why are we gathering? We see a missing component in accessibility to mindful and sustainable practice for students and youth. We are inspired, and notice others searching for their own inspiration. An environment of passionate people who are excited to reflect and encourage growth in one another is a beautiful catalyst to an empowered, self-actualized generation.


We want to test a social structure built on intentions of compassion, honesty, understanding of interconnectedness, and mindful practices. With an empty center (no power hierarchy), we hope to see how it compares to other systems in terms of sustainability and overall quality of life. We want to manifest a lifestyle that aligns our thoughts, speech, and action in a way that we feel holistically at peace with. We have been searching for clarity in this convoluted world~ priorities have been manipulated off track: humans have disconnected from the connection that is the universe. Celebration is the essence of spirituality because if you are not celebrating the experience of Life on earth, you are missing the point.


Living with individuals who serve as a mirror for each other can help us consciously face aspects of our lives that have been neglected. With support from everyone Celebrating, we believe that growth and change is inevitable. By practicing listening, communicating, interacting, and co-existing in ways grounded in openness and compassion, we will become aware of the beautifully unique and diverse life forces that are  the people around us. We will embrace the differences, and each characteristic of each person will be noticed, nourished, and accepted. Diversity and variety among us will be realized as rich opportunity for learning and creating. By accepting every part of every being, boundaries dissipate and we feel love and curiosity for those around us. This commune is a microcosm of what is needed in the world today.


What We Do?

We facilitate a place for students and the surrounding community to access mindfulness and develop practical, sustainable actions to deepen their spiritual practice and cultivate a joyful, abundant life. By holding space for creating and sharing between the greater community, we empower individuals and heal collective suffering. We embrace vulnerability and honor each perspective as something to learn from. 

Group meditation- Every Saturday starting at noon

Meditating with others may serve as motivation for regular practice, as well as inspiration and an increased sense of peace and ease during meditation. Meditation itself has an ancient history enabling people to access their highest states of well-being, as well as amazing scientific studies showing the biological benefits of this mindful activity. Often, meditation increases awareness in other aspects of life. We offer this group in full consideration of comfort level and intrest; participants are invited to incorporate mediation practices such as guided mediation, moving meditation, zazen, beholding, or mantras. The time slot is flexible as well, those who are present at the start of the session collaborate on the length of that day's practice. This is may be incorporated into routines in addition to a personal, daily practice. 


poetry seminars- Last thursday each month from 7-8:30

Men's Circle- 1st and 3rd Thursday’s each month from 6-8

"The Yang Gang" is where a group of brothers come together to get REAL, to be vulnerable and to help heal ourselves in the process. We think it’s becoming super important to offer a safe space for those who identify as male. In today’s world, we are bombarded and overwhelmed with media, cultural norms and this “common perception of what it means to be a “man” in our modern society. This honors a masculine sacred space.

podcasts on how to live in harmony with many-  

collaborative art- 

immersive dancing- 


Discussions about skills to create a more sustainable lifestyle for the future


We are creating, and at the same time celebrating, the exciting possibility for individuals to put the “I” aside and engage in a “WE”. This is only possible through the support and trust from everyone involved. This includes not only people living in the house, but everyone involved~ from students who help manifest this dream, to people who graciously donate to our cause, to intergenerational members providing wisdom. We will extend our web of community as far as we can to connect with everyone who wishes to participate in our activities, or expand the collective creativity in their own unique way.

Our Mission

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